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How can you choose the best Snorkel Mask?

Buying a snorkel mask is a great idea if you want to explore the underwater worlds in a fun and safer way. So how can you pick the ideal snorkeling mask? As you can imagine, there are many things to focus on depending on your needs and requirements.

Here are things to consider when you want to buy the best snorkel mask!


The skirt is flexible, rubber like, this helps create a watertight seal against your face using the right shaped mask. A good skirt doesn’t require much adjustments other than excessive facial hair. Ideally, you also want it to be wide, because it delivers a better seal. Silicone is also better when compared to rubber, since it doesn’t crack or become brittle. A good snorkel mask skirt is made out of silicone and that’s important to keep in mind.


Straps are an important part of the snorkel mask because they secure it to your head. They usually come with an adjustable buckle system to deliver a very good and proper fit which is best done via the widest point of your head without touching your ears. You will notice that not all materials offer the same security and safety. Thicker straps tend to be a good option for everyone, especially if you have lots of hair.


A good lens is imperative for any snorkeling mask. Wider lenses are better because they deliver peripheral vision. If the lens has vision enhancing coats in order to work better with poor lighting conditions, that’s incredibly important. You also want it to be made out of sturdy materials like tempered glass. We also recommend a non fogging lens, because it will help you see a lot better underwater and not worry about visibility. You can also send your mask away to have prescription lenses bonded.

Purge valve

The better snorkel masks especially a full face snorkel mask, tend to have purge valves. These are a single way faucet that remove water from the mask. Some of the older designs will have this type of valve, and it’s at the base of the nose pocket. These valves are made out of plastic so they can break with ease and it makes sense to buy a replacement or more, just to be on the safe side.

Making a decision

Following these tips and tricks will make it easier to narrow down which snorkel mask is suitable for your needs and the results can be very impressive. Take your time, always focus on quality and follow these guidelines it will make the process easier and better.

Then you will have no problem finding an adequate snorkel mask for yourself or your loved ones!

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