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How to Equalize Ear Pressure when snorkeling?

This is from one of our favourite pieces on how to equalise ear pressure. It’s important to understand that while snorkeling you always want to have equal ear pressure and it can be difficult to achieve without knowing how to go about it. We have brought you these tips from

The reason why you need to equalize ear pressure is because middle ears are airspaces that are connected to the outside by eustachian tubes despite being sealed by the eardrum. Yet as you go down in the water, the eardrum bends inward because of the water pressure. What you need to do is to send air in the middle ear, which helps equalize the ears, hence the popping sound you hear when completing the equalization.

If a person does not equalize the dead air space of the middle ear which sits between the eardrum and our eustachian tube they can actually rupture their eardrum.

Having a sinus issue or being congested can have an impact on their ability to equalize. Equalizing should be an easy thing to do requiring very little effort and should never be forced if you notice your ears aren’t equalizing as you may have a sinus issue or be congested.

Pinch your nose and blow

A lot of snorkelers choose to just pinch their nose and blow very gently. This is also possible with a full face snorkel mask on select products that offer this feature as many have the nose area hardened. Our company includes patented technology using silicone in the nose area so everyone is able to wear a full face snorkel mask and still pinch their nose when equalizing ear pressure properly.

This is one of the simplest, yet most efficient ways to equalize ear pressure. With some practice you should be able to equalize your ear pressure in no time. Please avoid getting in the habit of doing this on land when you don’t need to, it can stress the delicate components within your ears. In doing this you should feel a faint pop in your ears. This is just your eardrums flexing outward with the added pressure which is normally the indication that you have equalised the ear pressure.

Equalize as you descend

A good rule of thumb is to always try and equalize often, since the pressure is changing. Don’t just wait until there’s any pain. With that in mind, if you feel any pain you can go up, equalize and then descend again, as that may do it. If you see that you can’t equalize your ears, DON’T FORCE IT! End the snorkeling.


Finding the best place where to buy snorkel mask is a very good idea for your snorkel experience. Learning how to equalize your ear pressure is also very important, since not doing this properly can end up making the snorkeling experience difficult or hazardous. This also helps make things a whole lot better, since you will be more prepared for any pressure changes!

The crucial point here is we need to equalise if we intend to spend any amount of our snorkeling time at a larger depth past one meter. It’s very easy and simple to do, and should be done at regular intervals as you descend at increments of one metre and it is extremely important that you, DON’T FORCE IT!

Please refer to the reference below for an in-depth guide.


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