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Should you buy a full face snorkel mask?

Buying a snorkel mask is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and to not have to worry about oxygen tubes or anything like that. You may notice a lot of people are asking “where can I buy a full face snorkel mask”, mainly because these types of masks have become very popular. But the question is, should you consider getting a full face snorkel or is it better to stick with a more traditional mask?

What are the differences between a full face snorkel mask and a traditional snorkeling mask?

A full face snorkel mask doesn’t have a separate set of goggles and snorkel tube, its a single piece of equipment. The mask seals your entire face with a tube going above the water. You can breathe through the mouth and your nose too, which makes it more natural.

Full face snorkel masks are better because you have a 180-degree panoramic view. You also have much better peripheral vision, which can be challenging with a regular snorkeling mask. Storage is also simple since it’s just a single piece. In the case of a regular snorkeling mask, if you lose any piece of equipment you may have to buy a new snorkel set.

It’s also important to know that the full face snorkel mask has an anti leak seal and a dry top splash guard that helps prevent water from entering this system. They also have a drainage system to ensure water is removed properly. A traditional snorkel mask can be problematic because it’s susceptible to water entry. Unfortunately the traditional masks don’t really have a function to prevent leakage or anything like that.

Who is a full face snorkel mask suitable for?

Generally, you buy a full face snorkel if you want to have a more comfortable and better breathing experience while underwater. Some people are also worried that they might choke underwater, so this mask type is very suitable for them. The full face snorkel mask can be very good for those that want to avoid having a sore mouth and jaw after snorkeling.

The full face snorkel mask offers a better panoramic view, which can be crucial for optimum experience for beginners and experts alike. The full face snorkel is also really good for photographers and filmmakers that want to have a better underwater view and improved control over their equipment. Most snorkel masks also come now equipped with a holder for an action camera. For those who want to record their snorkeling adventures hands-free just attach a GoPro to get wobble free picture quality.

Should you buy a full face snorkel mask?

As you can see, a full face snorkel mask has a variety of use cases. Generally, the full face snorkel mask can be more comfortable when compared to a traditional snorkel mask. Some people prefer a full face snorkel mask because it offers a very good quality experience. At the same time, you also have to keep in mind the fact that not everyone will feel comfortable with a full face snorkel. Buying online is simple since full face snorkel masks are available in one size, so you don’t have to worry about the fit, they’re most likely to fit your face. So you just have to choose the right colour and check you’re getting a good quality model with all the necessary areas discussed and pointed out. Plus, buying online is straightforward, not to mention you get more options to choose from!

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